Instructions For Our Deceased Loved Ones

Who Have Missed The Light

By Rev. S. Fox

The following prayer words are for our deceased loved ones involved in the September 11, 2001 tragedy in America and for any others who may be listening. When our spirits leave our physical bodies, God sends a comforting, loving, white light for us. This white light FEELS wonderful and calls to our spirit that is seeking to return Home to our Loving God.

Sometimes, however, after we leave our physical body we feel confused and disoriented and upset and we may miss the white light. Even though God's loving white light is right where we can see it when we are out of our physical body, we may tell ourselves to feel frightened instead. We feel frightened because we are now in a place that feels unfamiliar compared with being in our physical body.

I've worked with thousands of "survivors." A lot of the survivors tell me they feel the presence of their deceased loved one and/or feel extremely tired or depressed. Or, they feel unable to stop sobbing and grieving the loss of their departed loved one. Aside from no longer being able to see our loved ones in their familiar physical body, another reason these sensations occur is because our deceased loved ones are still energetically attached to us.

If we allow them to stay attached to us we are unable to continue living here on earth as we are meant to live while still in our physical bodies. Also, our deceased loved one is stuck in his or her progression and is unable to further his or her journey at Home once again with God.

When we are feeling "stuck" our deceased loved one is in an inbetween place between earth and God's Home. Rather than think of our deceased loved ones as being lost, the greatest gift we can provide for them is the instruction you'll soon read in this prayer.

Our spirit is made up of intelligent energy and we are all connected by energy. When a loved one leaves his or her body, we no longer communicate with our loved via physical touch or senses between our body and his or her body. Instead we are communicating in a different, energetic way. We know the person's spirit is connected with us but we don't know how to help the other person.

I have learned that by saying calming instruction to the deceased loved ones who are still connected energetically to the survivors, about how to go into the white light, the survivors feel a release occur. They feel better as their loved one realizes going into the white light is a safe haven provided by God for us all after we end our earth mission.

If you are willing to help your deceased loved one who may feel so confused and disoriented he or she is resisting to go into God's loving, white light, please read the following script while lovingly thinking of your deceased loved one. This can be the greatest gift you might ever provide for your loved ones who will be waiting for you when your time comes to end your earth mission.

Here are the instructions...

How to read this prayer:

Relax in an undistracted area. Close your eyes and focus for a moment on your loved one. By your loving intention, tell your loved one that these instructions are for all people who are feeling disoriented and lost and that you mean only for a person's highest divine purpose to be served as you read these prayer words.

Know that God has paved the way before you and that this is perhaps the easiest and greatest thing you can do for all who hear these words. Here are the prayer words:

"To all who hear these words, please listen so you might help yourselves feel peaceful and safe. According to my loving intention for you, I wish you peace and blessings. I am here to tell you that you've just experienced the end of your earth mission in your physical body. If you look around for your physical body and happen to see it, you will be unable to get back into it. You no longer can be in your physical body because it no longer works the way it did while you were inside it, using it to do work during you life on earth. You may be feeling confused or frightened or disoriented out of your body. This is a normal experience for many people. By my intention I am here to provide instructions so you can help yourself. I cannot do this work for you. Just as I am the one that operates my spirit body, only YOU can operate your spirit body. This individual spirit body operation occurs because of God's laws of free will and choice. So, I am here to tell you how you can feel safe and peaceful again.

If you choose to act according to these instructions you can feel that loving, peaceful spirit you prefer to feel. If you prefer to feel disoriented and confused for awhile thinking I am trying to trick you into going somewhere harmful, know that I have nothing to gain by trying to trick you. All you need do is look up and you'll see the white light of which I am speaking. Call to loved ones who have completed their earth mission in their own physical bodies before you. Or, call to loving angels who are waiting to guide you into the white light. Ask them to reach down their hands to you through the white light where you feel safe and loved. Then, reach your hand up to their hand and notice that you can feel the bones beneath the skin of the hand you grab. This is evidence that you can feel that solid foundation once again when you go into that loving white light. Feeling the bones beneath the skin of the hand of the loved one in the light is much different than what you've been feeling while disoriented and out of your physical body. For a time you've been walking through walls and people and objects and maybe standing in front of people yelling and screaming at them trying to get their attention. They are unable to see you. Rather than think they are just ignoring you, know they are unaware of you.

However, I provide these prayer words of instruction to you because I am aware of you and your situation and I choose to tell you how you can help yourself. You may notice two white lights. One feels peaceful and loving. The other feels like it might be a trick. So you know the difference between the two white lights, allow yourself to be drawn toward that light which feels loving, peaceful, harmonious and safe. In this loving, peaceful, harmonious and safe white light, your every need can be satisfied. You'll know this is God's white light because there is nothing scary feeling there. In the other white light, the false white light, you will feel confusion, chaos or a presence of manipulation instead of love. Love is a wonderful feeling of peace and harmony. In the loving white light, education is provided for you to hear so that you may choose which light feels most appropriate for you. In a place where manipulation presides, you may feel frightened, seduced, or controlled, as if that white light is the ONLY white light you should enter. The false white light might appear in ANY color. God's loving white light will appear in a loving foundation of white with perhaps different tones of white. There will be no mistaking God's true loving white light. If you think you MUST go into one of the lights and THINK you are choosing the right light, you may actually hear someone TELL you you MUST go into this light. Or, you may FEEL no other option exists EXCEPT this light for you. If in one light, a seemingly strong power draws you to it, you may THINK you are choosing. But notice if you are being TOLD what to do compared with being ASKED to choose what feels appropriate for you. In the false white light, you may be condemned, belittled, minimized. There may preside a guilt or shame feeling or both. You may hear destructive criticism or feel a certain seduction about going to that light. If you prefer to feel condemned, belittled, minimized, criticized, convinced or seduced into doing something, you might convince yourself to choose the false white light. As you are a creation of God, you have now been instructed about the two most common places you might go. You are the one who must choose which is appropriate for you. However, I encourage you to allow yourself to think FIRST before you choose. Ask yourself which light REALLY feels most comfortable for you. If someone condemns you using unloving words or actions, and you are choosing to go into that false white light, please know that in God's world, you have chosen to live in a place devoid of love.

We wish all who hear these words peace and blessings. When our deceased loved ones leave the space inbetween earth and God's Home in the loving white light, we thank the Holy Spirit for filling the vacated spaces with authentic truth love from our truly Loving God.

We will always remember you, Loved Ones. Know that we love you and are doing our best to carry on during the rest of our earth mission though you are no longer in your physical body as we are. We will see you when we have finished our earth mission. Be well. Amen and amen. So be it. "


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