Dr. Denise Wah

Life Enrich Training and Consulting Centre
1001, 10/F., Cheuk Nang Centre
9 Hillwood Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2332 8400
Fax: +852 3011 3220
Website: www.life-enrich.com

About Dr. Denise Wah:

Dr. Denise Wah is the founder of Life Enrich Training & Consulting Centre. Life Enrich provides a wide range of Professional NLP (Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Training) & Hypnotherapist Training Services.

  • Doctoral Degree in Business Administration (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Master Degree in Psychology (The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Graduate School)
  • MBA (The University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom)
  • BA (Hons) in Language & Communication (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Associate Professor at United International College (jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University) Business and Management Division
  • Visiting Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Chinese and Bilingual Studies BA Degree Undergraduate Programme)
  • Lecturer at City University of Hong Kong, SCOPE, Business and Management Division - BA Degree Undergraduate Programme
  • Lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University, SCE, Business and Management Division
  • International Business Consultant
  • International Corporate Trainer
  • International Business Coach
  • Authorized Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (by the NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler - The Society of NLP in the U.S.)
  • Authorized Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Consultant (NLP University in the U.S.)
  • Authorized Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (American Board of NLP)
  • Authorized Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Authorized Trainer of Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnotherapy Association)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (IMDHA, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)
  • Certified Time Line Therapist (The Time Line Therapy Association)
  • EFT Therapist


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